Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Commitment to blogging…

Well what a great start I have made to my blog… A month old and only 2 posts- both posted within 48hrs and then… Silence!

Well here is my apology, an excuse and recommitment to my blog- I am sorry and I promise to do better J

With this ring I commit!
My Lil’Pip has been ever so poorly and Mummy has been ever so exhausted. The joys of breastfeeding- when they’re ill, you have a very clingy baby- although I should really stop calling him a baby now as he’s 14 months, a chatterbox, doesn’t let mummy feed him, a confident walker (and runner) and tonight he has gone into his first big boys bed with no problem. Its official my baby is no more, he has been replaced over night by a totally gorgeous and highly intelligent but sometimes naughty little boy… and Mummy is so proud… and so slightly sad… but so excited… but so nervous… I’m not ready for my Lil’Pip to grow up this quickly! Slow down please lol… I just want to hold onto my baby for a little longer.

Ooops went on a bit of a tangent there… apparently I can’t even commit to a set topic, a topic I set myself less than 5 minutes ago… Lol hopefully my commitment to a topic is not a foresight into my recommitment to blogging.

Speak to you soon… hopefully :P

P.S will be reposting my Emma’s Diary second post from 8th Feb in a minute or two… look out for my next one on the Emma’s Diary Blog this Thursday :D

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